First step to going Natural

First step to going natural is getting your mind right. As a black woman who chats with lots of other black women, the #1 reason many don't go natural and are afraid to starts usually in the mind. The excuses reasons start to flow, "my hair has no curl," "it's not long enough," "I''ll look too ratchtastic" and quite frankly none of those are true.

My decision to go BACK natural (as of yesterday) came when I FINALLY made up in my mind that I was tired of taking care of someone elses head (while sitting on my head). I know the power of the right product, discipline and proper instruction to get your hair looking beautiful and it is the decision that makes the world of difference, a mere choice like everything else.

As I'm growing in age and wisdom, I'm finding more about what's wrong with the beauty industry and the images portrayed AND accepted. I know that if more Black women were educated on the numerous possibilities and truths about that strands that grow out of their own scalp, the America's would be a much more natural place. While I plan to start on my BLACK TO NATURAL journey at the turn of 2012, I will document it here, going much against my blogging policy of putting photos of myself on a blog but hey, my hope is to help encourage other black women to get bold and gain TRUE confidence in themselves and in EVERYTHING they have to offer because at this end of the day, that's all you really got!

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Dr. Mom said...

It's a good decision. I've been contemplating the idea myself. It grew out for almost a year while I was pregnant, but as soon as I could I relaxed. I'm leaning towards trying it again, but I don't know. I'm excited to see how it goes for you.