Kat's Komfy Sweats

"I've had those particular sweats for over a year. I bought it for myself at Victoria's Secret. They are extremely comfortable!! I like that they bunch at the bottom and are cut short (ankle length) so I can wear them around my calf. I am also wearing an OLD tank top (which incidentally is also my favorite), my blue chucks, michael kors glasses and guess hand bag/tote/whatever. Come to think of it, they might not all go together, but these are my favorite items. I wear them when I'm lounging, sleeping, or going to the store. A random fact is... the tank has bleach stains on them, but I still wear them anyway - don't know if you want to add that little detail, but I thought I'd share lol. No, but seriously, when I go to work, church or whatever, ppl see the made-up me; well put together, pearls, pumps etc. I like to look fabulous, but I like to be dressed down. That's something that no one would know unless they saw me in my house or bumped into me on one of my "off" days. The guess bag and the shades make me feel high-priced, but the sweats and tank give me my comfortable down-home feel. A great balance between the two is really what I prefer."

Thanks Kath-er-ryn

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