Stylish Flip Flops to fulfill all of your summer needs

Top Flip Flop Fashion For 2012
Flip flops are great for summer but a bit boring in the fashion stake, right? Ultra-comfortable shoes that help keep our feet cool and never seem to go out of fashion?
Yet there are flip flops and then there are ‘flip flops’. New and up to date styles emerge and dominate the shoe displays in the high street each summer. Take a look at the following top flip flop fashion styles for this season:

Navy Stripe Flip Flop Sandals
Navy stripes are in fashion this season and are not confined to skirts, trousers, dresses or even summer hats. On the contrary, footwear this year is having a sailor makeover, and that includes flip flops.
Flip flops that have a blue and white striped sole are being given that extra-frivolous look by having accessories such as a large red flower on the strap – the perfect footwear for turning heads as you strut confidently across the beach on your long-overdue summer holiday.

Black Flip Flops
From baby pink to hot pink, sunshine yellow to lemon, sky blue to navy, you can buy flip flops of almost any colour and shade. Sadly, we often have a tendency to overlook black flip flops. This may have something to do with the fact that black absorbs heat and white reflects it, therefore meaning that black footwear can become hot while in the sun.
This hasn’t stopped black flip flops being a fashionable style for this summer though, with plain black flip flops making a bold statement this season. The great thing about this style is that being black, they will compliment virtually all outfits, regardless of colour and pattern.

White Flip Flops
Before you get too caught up in thinking about black flip flops, you should also know that white flip flops are equally hot in the style stakes this year. White summer footwear is perhaps more practical than black summer footwear, in the sense that it keeps your feet cooler.
Not only this, but white shoes, such as plain white flip flops, look fantastic with tanned legs, and make a sexy, stunning and practical addition to a summer outfit. The only pitfall of white flip flops is that they will show dirt more easily than darker coloured flip flops, so why not take the plunge and pack one pair of black and one pair of white?


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