Seam Stockings: Provocative yet Classy

A pair of these bad girls are definitely on my list for the '09. Two days ago I told my grandma I wanted a pair and she immediately frowned her face. Apparently wearing seamed stockings and keeping the seam straight could quite possibly be worse than the GMAT you didn't prepare for. She said she used to draw a line down the back of her leg and people thought she had on a pair when really it was magic pencil that did the trick. I'm sorry but I'm no arteest (artist) so I'll take my chances with a crooked line as long as it's the real thing.


Debra said...

Great choice of hosiery! However you could even get some original fifties seamed fully-fashioned nylons at my site www.sleeknchic.com - they feel wonderful on the legs, so silky and soft and totally unlike anything being made today. However if your heart is set on seamed fishnets try www.frilzandlace.com. And if you do decide to order from either site I've set up a special code you can put into the coupon box at checkout. If you put RETRO into an order at either Sleek 'n Chic or Frilz and Lace you'll get 10% off!

ava unkown said...

i am wonderfully broke right now, so i think i'll holla at your grandma's idea

ava unkown said...

btw, i'm liking the site