Why Miss Jessie's is better than Carol's Daughter

I don’t know any other way to say this but… having a killer product one, mixed with sample distribution, equates why Miss Jessie’s is better than Carol’s Daughter! In the year 2011, when markets are driven by sharing and trying things out before you drop bucks, samples are essential to driving customers to your killer products and keeping them there.

In a recent conversation with my best friend, she told me she had contacted the MAIN office for Carol’s Daughter IN New York, to inquire about getting samples to try the product to see if it was right for her. Well, straight from corporate, she was told “NO.” Now C.D. lost a potential customer and may have lost an on the fence customer in the process. In a previous post, I mentioned I received samples of Miss Jessie’s hair products at a festival and was super elated. It’s the psychology behind a consumer/business relationship. The consumer wants to feel like they’re getting the best and most for their buck in addition to not suffering from buyers remorse and not feeling used or tricked. What happens when I drop $20 on a bottle of “miracle hair boost” and the ‘ish doesn’t work for my grade of hair? I WON’T BE BACK TO TRY SOMETHING ELSE, that’s for sure.

Another reason comes straight down to the product. Last Wednesday morning, I washed my hair and planned to try out the Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment, put a hat on and hit Starbucks, foregoing my usual heat cap experience. However, when I sectioned and combed that treatment in, I was so stunned and pleased by what it did to my hair WITHOUT the heat cap, I decided to postpone my frap. & free wifi trip another hour just so I could finish the process in a proper manner. That treatment is pure magic, for real! I don’t know what’s in it, but whatever it is it brought out every single curl and wave I didn’t even think I had yet. It’s the kind of treatment you can put on after washing and wear it by itself because it’s created the curly look you were striving for. It is not the elongating curl enchancer but it for sure is the curl creating  and hair smoothing enhancer. Now I’m not sure how the do will look after it dries, but if you live in a humid environment, this may be your winner.

Now don’t get my wrong, I’m not saying Carol’s Daughter is all bad even though their extra small curl booster bottle is $10, because actually that recipe is good as an everyday conditioning potion. It helped to lay my hair down while many other products failed to compete, so I will give kudos where do, however, when you are fresh out of a weave, in a transition, have extremely THICK, frizzy, curl-not-quite-right hair and you want it to act accordingly, I would definitely recommend trying Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback [Badaaassssssssssss!] Treatment and share your experience below. It may help another woman seeking for the best product for her mane.


Coretta said...

I started with Miss Jessie's and it works for me so I stay with it. I use the curly pudding followed by Carol's Daughter Hair Honey MImosa and then various oils and sealants (Tui, African Pride, a Olive Oil heat protector whatever is nearby).

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