The best shampoo for Black Women - Miss Jessie's or Creme of Nature?

It’s a given that when growing out a perm and growing natural will come with much stress, impatience, frustration, and LOTS of money spent on “new” items seeking the one who does our transitioning hair justice! Prior to my transition, I had always used Crème of Nature as ONE of my shampoos (I use about 3-4).  This past weekend while attending the Long Beach Jazz Festival (click here to view photos), I came home with not only great memories and dirty feet, but also a bag of Miss Jessie’s hair product samples. While I had heard of Miss Jessie’s and saw the link in Target (my fave store) at a price point I was NOT willing to reach for a product I had never used and had only saw the regular magazine and online Ads for, I was really happy I would get to try the line to know exactly if it was worth it.

This post is dedicated to shampoo’s, but I will be posting within the next week my review on Miss Jessie’s and Carol’s Daughter and the difference between the two along with which one I will be buying from here on out.

Now, on to the point. I prefer Crème of Nature (former look) shampoo OVER Miss Jessie’s Slip Sudsy Shampoo and here’s why. It’s important to make note, Crème of Nature has TWO recipes out right now. One bottle has a very small icon of the former bottle design on the front left bottom corner titled “Former Look” THIS is the recipe I am referring to when I saw C.O.N., not the one without – that “new” recipe is way too drying for the hair.

Miss Jessie’s did exactly what it said, it slid and actually lathered a bit, however. the amount of moisture in it was not there. It was reminiscent to other more generic and commercialized brands I’ve used. Crème of Nature (former look) leaves your hair feeling like you washed it with milk. It washes so soft, it feels like you’ve conditioned your hair already. You may think you still have residue, but you don’t, that’s just the magic in the concoction. 

I will say, after using Miss Jessie’s slip sudsy shampoo, I did see a bit of curl pattern brought out after towel drying that I typically don’t see, but it’s hard to say if it was from the shampoo or not, as I have been using a lot of curl enhancing products on my hair, in particular, Carol’s Daughter Curl Booster, Lite.

All in All, I would highly recommend Crème of Nature’s (former look) recipe for your hair if you’re looking for clean and moisturized hair. If you’re looking for as much curl enhancement you can find, try the Miss Jessie’s, hopefully you can find a sample somewhere.

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