Brian Atwood vs. Steve Madden

B. Atwood at 680 (above) or S. Madden at 130 (below) In a recession, you do the math.


Dr. J said...

but... no one wants to be caught in fakes, so they pay excessively. plus everyone loves status. i don't know if the difference in quality is worth it. i do know that steve madden doesn't fit every woman's foot well. it's a toss up.

just $0.02

Jamila Justine said...

Years ago, Steve Madden was a mid-priced designer who set styles on his own. Recently, however, it seems his creative design team has devoted their time and energy to counterfeiting. It doesn't stop at Brian Atwood. Steve Madden has shoes this season that are eerily like the YSL Imperiale pumps and of course, there's always a "Louboutin for less" shoe. Too deliberate to be merely following trends, Steve Madden has become a collection of knock offs. And who wants to wear a knock off?