Rex Boutique opens its doors in Venice Beach

The Rex Boutique has already made a name for itself in San Diego but now Venice can share this name as well. As you enter the new boutique the three rectangular shaped mirrors catch your eye right away. The boutique’s very minimalist d├ęcor, modern vibe with a clean-and-crisp aesthetic and deep colors make for a sultry atmosphere and allows for the colors on the garments to pop. Wooden hangers hang from silver poles on geometric displays. This boutique is a fun home away from home as the stools give a more personalized and relaxed experience upon checkout.

Not only is the boutique visually pleasing, but the clothes are also of high quality as well. At Rex you can find popular brands like Elizabeth and James, Boulee and 6126 in a wide range of fabrics such as chiffon, ponte and dense jersey. The fitting area is reminiscent of an extremely personalized yet unisex safe-haven where it is okay to be vain. A large cream shag rug covers almost the entire floor in the area, perfect for leaving your shoes off in between outfit changes. There’s also a large circular cushion for your entourage, whether large or small. A day of shopping turns into a day of local luxury in the new Rex boutique. Where simplicity is luxurious and style reigns supreme.

photos courtesy of Cool Hunt, Inc.

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