L.A. welcomes Confederacy Boutique

L.A.'s hot new boutique isn't your typical run of the mill fashion boutique. Confederacy is a 5,000 square foot safe haven for the fashionably aware and subtle luxury seeker. Confederacy's aesthetic is similar to a New York City loft with its high ceilings, brick walls and cafe located on the back patio completely enclosed with wooden gates and potted flowers, makes you feel like you've been transported through fashion's destination portal from Los Angeles to a downtown Manhattan hideaway. The store's feminine yet very neutral palette exudes a very conservative yet flirty vibe which compliments the stores name, Confederacy.

This all inclusive, neo-renaissance-esqe boutique will not only carry very high end garments with pieces from Alaia, Anna Sui, Zac Posen and Nom de Guerre but with each visit, patrons will find books, beauty items and an art gallery showcasing works from artists such as Julian Schnabel. Along with the many facets this boutique provides, the stores neat and spacious ambiance provides for a pleasant shopping experience without feeling like you're in a too small yet luxurious closet.

While dictionary.com defines the term Confederacy as "an alliance or combination of persons for unlawful purposes", owners Ilaria Urbinati and Danny Masterson had something a little different in mind. Similar to the terms true meaning, the union of two people has definitely been formed but unlike the standard definition, the result of such a union, Confederacy the boutique is any and everything but, unlawful.

4661 Hollywood Boulevard

(between North Vermont and Hillhurst Avenues)

Los Feliz, CA


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