Jamie's Vintage Brooks Brothers Sweater

"My current favorite piece of clothing is a vintage Brooks Brothers cream sweater. I am not exactly sure how old it is. Toward the end of my very fashion forward great aunt's battle with cancer my mother and I spent a lot of time with her looking through her vast collection of suits, jewelry, handbags, shoes and other timeless clothing. Although she did give me some lovely suits that i have gotten a lot of wear out of, this cream sweater is my favorite thing that she gave me. It has shoulder pads (yes shoulder pads, but they're fairly subtle), it buttons up the front and it has a great collar. I wear it pretty much year round with jeans, dresses, sweats, pretty much anything. I like wearing it because it is not something you can easily find today, yet it still looks stylish and modern. Plus its really warm and soft. I am sure my aunt who has since passed would think that i wear it well. "

Beautiful! Thanks J!

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Ally said...

Your vintage Brooks Brothers cream sweater looks beautiful.