Here come the '90's

I came across this picture on my friends myspace page and thought it was a CLASSIC site for sore eyes. The J's (Jordans), vest, tight & faded purple jeans with the streaked out high top fade makes me feel like I'm watching House Party 1, 2 & 3! O and don't forget the gold link chain, hair pick & infamous street pose... as these are all SO very necessary for the complete look. I must admit at first glance I started dying laughing at such an image but after looking at his fit for a while.. I started to get excited about 90's fashions and the great memories of growing up in South L.A.. 90's fashion was all about self expression, bright colors and not being afraid to mix them all together all at the same time. Of course I wont be bringing back the millions of barrettes I used to rock in my hair as a young girl but I AM definitely on a mission for a Cross Colours jacket.... and I'm not going to stop until I get it! Stay Tuned...

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