Is Kanye West the most Stylish Man in Hip Hop?

Kanye' West, a once bubbly, always smiling, pleasant and fun loving guy has endured quite a few trials and tribulations within the last year or so. With the lost of his mother & best-friend preceding the break-up with long time girlfriend, it seems like Kanye' might be touching into his extreme "Gemini-ness" of his two-sided existence. Nonetheless, his style seems to be broadening and his presence is still that of a rare African gray elephant in a small room full of fashion's mediocre & fashionably unaware common folk. His awareness of fashion's lingo, styles, expression's and individuality has placed him above many of his peers within the very similarly dressed phototorials often taken within hip hop. Mr. West, one the the 3 members of Hip Hop's leading men in fashion (according to The StylEdit) along side Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Sean "Jay-Z" Carter, has done so under an extremely short amount of time in comparison to his two fellow leading members. Both of which have been in the public eye of hip hop for 10 plus years. Kanye' West's style is one all his own; a mixing of style, flash, grace, rebellion and innovation... all key components to become a legend under any category makes Kanye' West-the most stylish man in hip hop.

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Ainz Neal said...

I think Kanye has come a really long way. From when he first got on and to where he is now. Of course when your bank account grows so is the ability to really afford the go and get the exclusive items.

I think Kanye is in the for front right now. Puffy is always on point, but i know him and Jay do use stylist to help them out. I think you should have nominated Skate Board P, i think he has opened up Hip-Hop to new things just as Kanye did. All in all great post.

Eastside Juice Jones said...

Kanye is not the most stylish man. Half the time he looks like a damn fool but its accepted because its him. I think he puts stuff together to make a statement. In my eyes, the statement reads "Dumbass", straight up.