Attack of the White Jean

This post is dedicated to my dear friend... jck

In this day-and-age men's fashion has reached an all time high of what the hell?!. In a good way? I think NOT. Prime Example - White Skinny Jeans

There is nothing attractive about seeing a man walking down the street with tighter pants on than me, and on top of them being form-fitting, they're white. There's also a certain enabling swag factor that comes along with these restricting bottoms, a kind of "walk or stride" if you will that screams... "caution i tried too hard so do not approach". Don't get me wrong, skinny jeans do work for SOME men, but if you are not on a runway or live in Jamaica... then you are not that man. I think it's only fair to share my opinion to those who may be considering crossing over to the skinny jean era... slim thuggas are not the juice, don't have any juice and if you go out of the house in a pair - especially colored - odds are you won't be GETTING any juice either. That's not to say I'm against all skinny jeans a.k.a. slim thuggas, I'm just saying at a certain age... (past 17) I should not see a man in a club, lounge, bar, pub, roof, basement or attic in a tight pair of pants made to reflect the sun. It just shouldn't happen.

(see photo to the right...) and now I ask... What do you think?


KILLA DA MAN said...

I FREAKING A AGREE 100%...skinny jeans are for the "Hipsters" and "Shottas"... It killS me when i see a guy fakin like he gangsta and lives a Gangsta's life but has on a pair of size 6 pants from "H&M"'s womens section. ITs even worse that the pants be so tight and then the have the nerve to let them sag below the whole ASS... This is a bad fashion trend all the way accross the board. There was a time that in my hood if you jeans wasnt over size then you were a geek, and if your jeans were way under sized then "YOU ARE GAY!!!!!" but no longer, for some strange reason this is the norm, it needs to die and die hard .

Anwar said...

ok so I broke down and bought a pair of black Levi's. I like em. I can't take a deep breath in them, but style of purpose right? LOL. They don't come out too often though. I'm still not quite comfortable lol. And the white ones...NEGATIVE!