written Thursday night, October 30
For the past week I've been very busy writing posts, researching publications as well as people, advertising my blog(s) and a few other things that cause me to have 14 hour days out of the house. Recently, I've really been thinking about this career choice within the fashion editorial world and I'm now noticing how my blog is slowly but surely becoming vastly similar to all the other thousands of fashion blogs on the web right now. I quickly became irked with myself and what I have been producing. "It's the same shit!" I kept saying to myself with oodles of frustration because my capabilities travel far beyond the norm and what the norm is proving itself to be.
I came home today expecting to take a MUST needed nap but couldn't fall asleep- my mind wouldn't rest and neither would the kids next door. As I lied there I thought about what wasn't out there, what void is needing to be filled, what would make mine differ from all the monotony produced in blog form. After about 7 minutes of stillness two words popped into my head, "a story." I immediately sat up, hooked up my laptop and began writing a post, this post to be exact. I began to develop this idea and finally figured it out. I am going to focus on one piece (sometimes more than one) at a time and find out the "story" behind it. Whether it be from the owner, the designer, the manufacturer even the sales person in a boutique, I am going to tell that items story- whatever... it may be. After all, material possessions come and go but a story will last a lifetime.

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