Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2009
A Collection of Expertise

The always elegant and seasoned creations of Ms. Diane von Furstenberg need no introduction. As I recall, my first von Furstenberg encounter was earlier this year when I tried on a dress and had no idea what the big hoopla was about. I later researched I would have had my very first Diane von Furstenberg dress- but they didn't have my size :'(. 

Belgium born von Furstenberg has been a legend within the world of Fashion and Style for more than 20 years and to no exception she has once again constructed one of the most eye appealing lines for all of Spring. Filled with metallic and vibrant colors, fabrics full of movement paired with completely stoic textures and the jungle vibe these pieces give off makes for a full fashion package. After seeing this collection, warm weather isn't the only reason to get excited for Spring.

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