Let's Start With The Basics

In order to be a TRUE stylista/stylisto you MUST know what the basics are! Having Style is similar to a craft and one must perfect it in hopes to be considered... stylish. Ask any designer, headliner or prominent figure within the fashion world what items make their top 10 for must haves in a wardrobe and I'm 99.99% sure you will get VERY similar responses. The top 10 items every stylista must have are as follows: (Stylistos I'll be back with a list for you too)

A Little Black Dress
A Custom Fitted Suit
A Cashmere Sweater
A Knee Length White Skirt
A Strand of Pearls
A Red Lipstick
A Fresh White Button Up Shirt
A Pair of Nicely Fitting Blue Jeans
A Comfortable Pair of High Heels (Black Pumps)
A Trench Coat 

These items are the necessary staple pieces required when entering the Style realm. All trends and fashion elements serve as compliments to these pieces. The basics are to be worked around and are not to be used in working around trends and fashion. Style is the base while fashion/trends grow from this base and just like leaves in the fall, drop off as time progresses. Yes, time does repeat itself (especially within the fashion world usually 20 years post) but keep these 10 items on deck at all times and you'll never have to worry about your look going out of style!

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