Mia Anita's DIY Fri (day)

Yes, I am still on my eyeshadow kick and I must say I am getting MUCH better and more pleased with my results. I think the hardest part was figuring out which brush was best to use for which part of your eye. I also learned pigmentation in the colors and of course brands are essential. I've been trying to master the 3 color eye, and I'm getting there slowly but surely. I practice once a day, since packing and moving is a quite BLAH experience, I use that to spice my life up. Especially since my hair is in transition, I definitely need SOMETHING to remind myself what I CAN look like. LOL

It's so funny, reading September's issue of Essence, Tracee Ellis Ross was explaining how after Girlfriends stopped taping, she had to turn to her lipstick colors to find her brightness. She had given so much to the show, she changed her lipstick color everyday for three months just to have some excitement back in her life. The power of fashion and beauty are sometimes labeled as shallow and unnecessary, but for me and Ms. Ross, it can sometimes serve as a pick-me-up and a life enhancing tool to bring forth happiness during less thrilling times.

With that said, I decided to take a few pics of my progress in eyeshadow application. Let me know what your fave techniques and color combos are, this make-up realm is fascinating!

Yellow, Green, Brown & Blue [excuse the eyebrows, those will get handled next week :)]

Gold, Brown, Black & Pink

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