Supplement of Choice - Fish Oil

While living in D.C., I started getting into the whole eat right for your blood type shabang and discovered I am blood type O, universal mind control! After doing more research on what foods and vitamins I should take because of it, I found Fish Oil was high on the list. Since then, I have tried to take fish oil consistently, emphasis on the tried. However, recently I ran across an article in TIME mag titled, "Is Fish Oil right for you?" it spoke of some benefits and myths surrounding the popular substance.

It states - HEART: Daily Fish Oil consumption lowers risk of heart attack in healthy people and heart patients

PREGNANCY: Supplements can reduce the risk of pre-term birth but may do little to prevent postpartum depression

EARLY DEVELOPMENT: Taking fish oil pills during pregnancy does not improve cognitive skills in toddlers

ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: Daily Fish Oil does not slow cognitive or functional decline in patients with Alzheimers

So, I took note of this information and kept it pushing. I then move on to another magazine with an article about actress Kerry Washington. She was asked how she managed to keep her skin glowing and smooth. Her remedy - FISH OIL.

She shared "I am allergic to seafood but my doctor said I needed fish oil as a supplement to receive the nutrients I was missing by not eating fish. I also drink a lot of water. I find the fish oil does wonders for my skin and hair" (paraphrased)

I would recommend fish oil, especially to people who are type O blood types. Although it may not cure all things, taking it will do more good than bad. And also because Healthy Inners produce Pretty Outers.

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