For the Writer in You - Jordi Labanda & Moleskine Notebooks

Love Love LOVE Jordi Labanda notebooks. Received my first one as a gift from my grandmother. A nice play on the regular notebook. Thick plastic or cardboard cover, illustration and the pages inside were lined with the colors pink, green, blue and black. Today I came across MORE Jordi Labanda notebooks at FedEx and also discovered they can be found at Target. (My only peeve is the need for more women of color and also ceasing to draw the small amount of women of color with afro's all the time.)

Labanda is a male designer with a love for designing contemporary women. Visit the site here  website

For the holidays, if you're buying for the writer in your family or group of friends, surprise them with a Labanda notebook or of course the old tried-and-true Moleskine. Moleskines can be found at mostly all bookstores, both big and small. They have daily planners, small pocket books to hold small things such as receipts, open notebooks, music writing notebooks, journalist layouts, regular layouts and a lot more.

Try it and see the response, trust me, you cant go wrong.

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