TDM Designs' Bambi Grande Scarf

I LOOOVE SCARVES. Between scarves, broaches, shoes and bags (my top 4 favorite things) scarves place 2nd, very close behind shoes. Nonetheless, a semi-new scarf line caught my attention back in 2008. I learned of a scarf line co-created by 2 women, both named Michelle, based out of Maryland called Nepali by TDM Design. This discovery came during a time where trend was not just a word but a way of life in the world of fashion and clothes. As I read more into this line I found there was a purpose behind it and it wasn't just to make money. I found... NEPALI by TDM Design provides sustainable income to Nepalese women and helps weavers and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them above market compensation and access to education and health care. NEPALI by TDM Design assists in empowering Nepalese women, their families and their communities.

Fashion with a greater purpose was something that struck me as remarkable. Sometimes us humans can be very selfish and un-willing to help others, but there was a reason why I discovered this line when I did because I was going through my own personal tribulations and it helped to show me there is still compassion and concern in the world. You may have to really search for it but it does exist.

I Digress.

So, a year later I finally have had the privilege to experience a scarf from the Nepali by TDM Design line. My Bambi Grande Scarf in black and white (favorite binary combo) is as big as it is comfortable. It is very light in weight and my first thought was this is not going to keep me warm but to my surprise it kept me very warm and did not hurt my neck. (Sometimes when I wear my scarves - all day - they can be somewhat restricting that my neck gets stiff) The bambi grande scarf did not do that. It is EXTREMELY soft which shocked me because it is 100% Bamboo. When I think of bamboo, I think of pandas and sticks (slightly ignorant but true) I would have never thought of creating a scarf out of it, but the masterminds behind TDM Design have accomplished the unthinkable. I would definitely recommend this scarf, especially with the holidays fastly approaching. This would be a great way to give to loved ones while giving back to strangers in need. It's funny because the design and texture allow for this scarf to be dressed up with a shift dress, tights and heels or dressed down with skinny jeans and riding boots. Versaility is what everyone should look for when purchasing key items for the wardrobe. I can add my scarf to that list and am very excited about it.

"Affordable, high quality, natural, eco-consious scarves – NEPALI by TDM Design"

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