and you thought your Moleskine was expensive


I came across Smythson looking at the net-a-porter site today. Right on the homepage, there it was, one of my many weaknesses, fancy stationery. Anyone who knows me knows I really enjoy fancy stationery, almost as much as I love Charlie Wilson or Anita Baker. So I clicked on the link only to find I would probably never own anything from Smythson except for maybe a shopping bag I luckily found on the street. This nice little "Fashion Diary" costs $"FROM 330.00" I think that's outstanding in a recession. And the "FIVE DRAWER DELUXE JEWELLRY BOX" to the left is a mere $3,360.00.

You know, I love my precious stones and items as much as the next girl, but there's no way I'm spending that much on what I CARRY my items in when I can spend that on WHAT my items are. This blew my mind, I guess if I had the funds to spend on extravagant luxury, this post may have read with a different tone but as for now my heart is pretty set. I am very content with my moleskine and my *undisclosed name* carry-on. What do you think?

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