BOHO magazine challenges its readers to 'TWEET IT FORWARD"

‘Tweet It Forward’
BOHO Magazine is Changing the World, one Twitter message at a time, with the launch of its World Changing Chick Challenge

BOHO magazine, everyone’s favorite new green fashion magazine, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the launch of its World Changing Chick Challenge. Created to kick-start BOHO’s mission to change the world, one simple act at a time, BOHO is inspiring people everywhere to begin to “Tweet it Forward”, and start tweeting a good deed of the day on BOHO’S Twitter page. “We wanted to take the Twitter platform and create a revolution that gets people tweeting and challenging each other to do good things for others. It’s a way to get people to start BEING the change they wish to see in the world, and not just talk about it. Whether it’s dropping an extra quarter in a stranger’s parking meter to help them avoid getting a ticket, or baking cupcakes to welcome a new neighbor into the community, the key is all about spreading love to others in small and virtuously costless ways,” says BOHO’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Gina LaMorte. “Generosity costs nothing, yet has the greatest value. In this economy, people need to know that the foundation, Love, is all around them and that kind people do exist. It’s a new way of thinking, and that’s what BOHO Magazine is all about, a NEW AMERICAN SPIRIT,” LaMorte adds. Confident and free-spirited BOHO girls everywhere are getting involved in creating this new trend of kindness. And it’s not about tweeting your own horn, “We see this challenge as a way to inspire each other to dare to do something different out of their comfort zone. By simply being kind and spreading the love seed to others is essentially making an impact on society, one good “tweet” at a time,” says LaMorte. BOHO even envisions fellow entrepreneurs helping each other out as well through this challenge. “During these tough economic times especially, it is essential that we help one another prosper. I see women-owned businesses tweeting back and forth to each other, sharing tips and words of wisdom that will help them get through their common business day challenges,” adds LaMorte. And this World Changing Chick Challenge must be for real. ‘The “Tweets” must be authentic. We don’t want people to only tweet about their ideas, rather we want to hear real life actions people are actually doing. That’s how we can begin tweeting it forward.” says Glenn Wolski, BOHO’s Co-Founder and VP. Every month on the BOHO blog, BOHO will acknowledge a World Changing Chick that had a motivating, revolutionary idea. Participants will have a chance to even become featured on the pages of an upcoming issue of BOHO magazine. The best idea will also win a 1 year subscription to BOHO Magazine, and some exciting sponsor-awarded prizes. Want to immediately share your good-deed-tip of the day? BOHO is blogging, facebooking, and tweeting moments of positive change daily! The Fall 2009 issue of BOHO has just hit newsstands and offers 100% re-cycled, re-styled, re-used ideas and features for the eco-friendly fashionista, as well as a chance to “tweet” it forward. To enter world changing stories and tips log onto BOHO’S Twitter handle bohomag or the BOHO blog www.bohomag.blogspot.com

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