Ralph Lauren Polo official apparel sponsor for the US Open 2009

Polo Ralph Lauren is the official apparel sponsor of the tournament and they have created an exciting new array of sophisticated sportswear designs for all on court officials, including ball persons and line judges throughout the tournament.

This year, Polo Ralph Lauren has updated the ball boy/girl uniforms with great details that include a red, white, and blue diagonal banner stripe that is pieced in both the front and the back. This shirt features iconic Ralph Lauren sportswear details and is made of functional mesh for additional comfort.

Also, featured in the collection is their signature US Open Polo that was inspired by a classic cricket sweater. As such, this shirt features the 2-color chevron in the front that continues through the back of the neck, as a classic cricket sweater detail.

The entire collection is available to buy online, at the RL store at the Arthur Ashe Stadium and shoppers also have the option to buy directly from digital kiosks located around the Stadium that allow shoppers to select and buy their favorite looks interactively.

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