My favorite season is fastly approaching

and with my favorite season comes one of my favorite aspects of life: FASHION. I would argue (and I'm sure you would agree) Fall is the most fun-and-fashionable time of the year, no matter what your coast. It's easier to DRESS on the east [coast] because you are able to layer - which is key - but you can pretty much have free-will of fashion in the season of leaves. This Fall the trends are bold and are very distinct as they are unique. I don't plan to cover them all, for a full shi-bang you can visit style.com and have fun, as I plan to cover the trends that speak to me and engage my imagination. Also, know they will not all come in one post. I'd like to shake things up a bit and dedicate each trend to 1 post, don't worry we have time. So, for the first Mia Anita engaging trend for Fall 2009 we have... DRAPING.

Draping can be the most beautiful thing in the world as it can also be the ugliest thing in the world. When thinking of draping ones mind should travel to the dresses of ancient Greek goddesses who used to wear hanging like dresses that often times resembled sheets. However, in these times draping has traveled to brand new heights with the layers, materials and placement where you can find draping. I myself like draping with more light fabrics but there are times where it is skillfully done with your heavier of materials. In simpler terms, draping is synonymous to bunching, gathering, covering and sometimes layering. It is very feminine and is seen in many garments no matter what the price point. I am excited about draping this fall... I plan to have lots of fun with this one. I hope you do too :)

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