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Ever since bootylicious celebs like JLo and Beyonce began flaunting their behinds, the focus has somewhat moved from chest to ...well...our butts. My friend from Brazil was telling me how butt implants are very popular there because ladies lounge around in bikinis a lot in Brazil. I was mortified - how are you ever gonna sit down after your surgery?

Luckily, there are less painful options. One - is to practice the Lotte Berk Method. I've been faithfully attending Physique 57 for about 3 months now and I swear (or maybe imagine) that my 'seat' (as my instructors kindly put it) looks and feels firmer. For the rest of us who are too busy to exercise, the next option is to get ahold of Tushe (TM). Tushe is a patent-pending underwear design from lingerie extraordinaire, Simeon Dacumos, that kinda looks like some S&M outfit but actually works miracles in lifting your behind with some nifty but comfy strapwork. Uplifted a$$ without the pain - I'm totally up for it! Besides Tushe, Simeon Dacumos also offers Aperitif - his exquisite lingerie line made from French lace and fine Italian trimmings. So if you've had your fill of the Agent Provocateurs, La Perlas and Kiki de Montparnasses, do something good for your senses (and butt) and let Simeon Dacumos spice up your nights. Sexy music not included.

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Have Fun!

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