1/2 of music group 'Where's Leslie?', Mir Harris & her 2 Grammy winners

"Two of my favorites! These were given to me by my friend and fierce stylist/fashionista, Niaje Wells-Hall from Catherine Malandrino. The Purple [dress] I love because the color, cut, material, the bottom and small detail on the collar make the dress simply amazing...literally. Even on the hanger it looked simple until you came closer and then the color made it pop on my skin so I loved it even more. I might've worn it with an up-do (non-prom-like lol) or a lariat necklace [a long rope-type necklace] but there's very little I think I would've changed. It made me feel very classic in that it was such a simple dress and yet I felt stunning. Here's a secret, it was actually a few sizes too big and I had to pull up the bottom but the dress is so great you couldn't even tell!

Now the turquoise....do we even need to talk about it? The structure of this dress alone equals FUN. And the color...OMG. I'm a big fan of bright colors and this one felt like it reinvented the "hot" section of the crayon box. I had to go with classic Stuart Weitzman silver stilettos because of time constraints, so I would have definitely wanted to find a fierce shoe for these. I felt like "Gem" barbie going to the Grammy's lol, I LOVED IT."

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Thanks Mir

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