Designer Profile- KARL LAGERFELD

Imagine entering into a world where creativity and art reign supreme and the notion of a nine-to-five was but a mere fragment of the imagination. As far-fetched as this may seem to some, for world renown designer, Karl Lagerfeld, the world described is only a fraction of the reality in which he lives everyday. Karl Lagerfeld, design director of one of the world's most infamous clothing lines, Chanel and head/creative director of his self-titled clothing line, the question then becomes not how but when does he find time to do it all?

When speaking of the name, Karl Lagerfeld, one must know the level of prestige and accomplishment that stem from such an utterance. At the age of seventeen, his award-winning coat design was put into production by BALMAIN, and only three years later was named art director of fashion line, PATOU. Soon thereafter Lagerfeld found himself working as a freelance designer with contributions showing under names such as Chloe', Krizia, Valentino, Fendi and shoe designer Charles Jourdan. Since his appointment in 1983 as design director for Chanel, Lagerfeld's yearly re-innovations of the ever-so-classic tweed Chanel suit are only a part of his precisely executed garment collections. With a portfolio as extensive as his, the name alone causes thoughts of wearable style and sophistication. As a leader within the always expanding fashion world, Lagerfeld's ability to mix different elements of everyday life, finding the common-place between high-luxury and low-necessity is what sets him apart from and above the masses.

Although, Lagerfeld's love-of-life and creating within fashion is widely known, his ability to "show" reaches far beyond rejuvenated skirt-suits and iconic chain-link bags. In spring of 2008, guests of Chanel's couture fashion show were welcomed by a larger-than-life replica of the classic Chanel tweed jacket as the centerpiece of a circular runway. And if that's not enough, the infamous merry-go-round set from Chanel's Fall 2008 show in Paris opened every one's eyes to the boundless artistic ability which reached far-beyond the presentation of a collection of clothes. While most artists will confirm there is nothing ordinary about 'creating', judging from his extensive portfolio, I would assume Karl Lagerfeld's approach to such a notion would be quite the contrary.

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