The StylEdit's Award for BEST UNIQUE STYLE (& Aura) goes to

If you don't know who SANTOGOLD is by now you've probably been living under a rock. Although, at the age of 32, Santogold has been in the music world for a much longer time than the masses may think. She's a writer, producer & singer whose fashion sense is quite unique to the current times but is definitely one all her own. I get an intense 80's vibe from miss Santo (if I can call her that) and if you don't know by now I'm a straight 80's baby who loves all there is about the 80's. From the leggings, to the tight fit like a glove dresses, big ruffles, lace, gloves and all... I love the 80's and apparently so does Santogold. Not only is her music a refreshing escape from the monotonous sounds blaring from many radio speakers and computer speakers alike but the outfits you'll find Santogold in definitely won't be seen on any recent high fashion runways, and I love and respect her for that. Although, many people, myself included- I'm not perfect, love to be in the hottest new threads and yarns, knowing there is some place you can go where difference is found is quite refreshing. SantogoldSantogold is this weeks StylEdit Award winner. "I know that's right"- Anonymous provides fans with that place, musically and stylistically and for that

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