PRVCY PREMIUM & PAIGE DENIM: 2 hot new jean brands

PAIGE to the right
PRVCY below

Celebs left and right are wearing both PRVCY & PAIGE Denim jeans. You can just about catch at least one pair in every US weekly magazine starting back in November 2008. My take on the two new brands is this... Yes jeans are a staple item and can be dressed up or dressed down and yeeesssss a good fitting jean is hard to find but it's hard for me to fathom paying close to $200 dollars for ONE pair of jeans. If PRVCY or PAIGE will ever end up in my closet it'll be because it was a gift or on sale. Aesthetically, PRVCY looks like the better buy in comparison to Paige. PRVCY jeans seem to have a better and more realistic fit. Of course Paige is receiving all the celebrity endorsements it needs to make a name for itself but I buy for what I like... and if I had the duckets to shell out on a pair of jeans... odds are I would have to go with the PRVCY PREMIUMS!

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Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Paige. Thats all that i wear.