New Sean John Ads looking rather...Amateur

When you think of Diddy you think of flash, professionalism and a certain level of presentation that makes it hard to believe his new campaign with model/"singer" Cassie and up and coming actress Lauren London has any affiliation with the Sean John line. Sean John is not one of those lines that screams urban wear but this campaign very easily reminds us that certain parts are definitely geared to the urban wear enthusiast. I'm really struggling that I must accept that Diddy actually ok-ed these photos past the preview stage. The posing, the placement, the body language, the overall aesthetic I am JUST NOT FEELING. In comparison to his new cologne campaign for his fragrance, Unforgivable, this looks like a first year undergrad photo shoot gone wrong. These AD's scream, "I'm cute and somewhat popular so I can for sure sell clothes." And the sad part is I agree with this, for sure I do, I realize you have to use what people know in order to have them buy BUT if you're going to do that then at LEAST let it look halfway decent. This is a hot mess fashion faux pas... tsk tsk

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