L'Artisan Perfumeur opens in Tokyo

With a storefront as classic as it is beautiful, stepping into Tokyo's new L'Artisan Perfumeur PARIS is like stepping into an endless garden of roses, lilies and gardenias on a beautiful warm spring day. Its jet black with gold trimmings screams luxury and will easily lure anyone inside its doors who enjoys the finer things in life. Once you step inside, it is hard to tell if it is the countless enticing aromas or the visually pleasing interior that makes you feel like you've entered into a sense fulfilling paradise only seen in your dreams.

Bottega Veneta and Chez Moi in addition to L'Artisans perfume, body care, home candles and exclusive and individually customized amber balls make for an extremely luxurious and satisfying trip to your not so regular perfume boutique. The soft lighting, the bright and lively mix of interior colors along with the chic yet classic Parisian boutique ambiance is all the confirmation you need to know you're among the best of the best. Take one trip to the new L'Artisans Perfumeur PARIS and you will find yourself stuck in an aromatic bliss you won't ever want to escape.

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