Keren's Dress

"I got that dress from my Aunt Lucille who is 84. She wore it over sixty years ago when she was my age (24). I got it from her this summer during my trip to New York. Everytime I go to visit my family in the South Bronx, I always spend time with my Aunt Lucy so that I can take away a piece of her memories from Antigua and NY in the good ole days. I wear it everywhere...even in the house. When I wear it, I feel confident yet relaxed. Stylish yet comfortable. The rest of the outfit is completed with accessories. My bangles are jade and bamboo heirlooms passed down from my grandmother Bessie to my Aunt Rita to me. I've had them since I was little and haven't taken them off since 2004. I got the watch and the necklace on the street in NY for less than ten bucks. I only wear cheap watches bc I always lose them. In fact, I've already lost the one from the picture. My earrings are from Tiffanys. White Coach bag... I make my own rules and wear white after labor day. Most importantly, my curls are on point with the Cantu shea butter leave in conditioner and my eyebrows were threaded at Total LookThreading on 6th Avenue. At the end of the day I just want to stunt like my daddy... Make that my Aunt Lucy."

courtesy of Keren O.J.


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