This November's issue of InStyle Magazine featured an internationally known superstar we all know and love, Beyonce' Knowles Carter. According to Mrs. Knowles-Carter a.k.a Sasha Fierce, there is one item she must have in order to feel complete and without it she just isn't herself. When asked what she relied on to look or feel great, "Well, I'm not dressed unless I have earrings on, like big hoops. I've always worn big earrings." She also shares how even when she's dressed down her outfit seems very simple. "I wear a nice shirt, nice jeans, and stilettos." And according to Mrs. Fierce-via the video below-a nice shirt means a fresh white T(shirt) by designer James Perse, based out of Vernon, CA (www.jamesperse.com). In the article she also shares how she loves anything with a high platform on her feet and how the mix of a strong woman with a charming delivery describe the women she was raised around in Texas.

As fans and onlookers, getting to know Beyonce' has taken some time from when the group Destiny's Child first hit the scene. Her fans have watched her grow into a strong, successful icon while maintaining her cool, calm and collected swag along the way. She has developed into a beautiful young woman with a fire fashion sense. Her advice to all women no matter the shade, shape or location, "I feel it's important for women to take care of themselves and look good." Yes Beyonce', we can see that you do. Be sure to check out November's issue of InStyle Magazine, purple themed and Beyonce' on the cover also make sure to keep a look out for her new album entitled, Sasha Fierce. I'm looking forward to it myself.

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