I am NOT impressed by Jason Wu for Target collection

Now I know the saying, if you don't hve anything nice to say... wap wap wap but I am oh so sorry. This mkes no sense. A VERY large part of me thinks Jason's intern made these designs and got them crafted somewhere in a 8th world. "mischief is in the details" YEA RIGHT.

For all the hype over this line, the lack of any form shaping of the dresses, the boring fabrics, uninspired color selection and drab presentation online has just got me in a world wind. I was expecting  A LOT more from this unveiling. Now, I'm not a big fan of Missoni but even THEY came with the heat even though it i for Target. The days of buying something JUST BECAUSE somebody's name is on it are OVER!!!!!! The cutest part of the collection was a satchel BAG! really? a bag? T-shirts and what nots are not the juice when "fans" have been waiting and waiting for this lunch for months on end.

If you haven't seen what I'm talking about, take a look-see here and tell me if I'm buggin'! Thanks

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