What's in a name: Missoni for Target

During the lengthy and heavy-hitting AD campaign for Missoni coming to Target I felt no elation what-so-ever. I was actually quite bored. I've never been a fan of Missoni, I feel its way too much going on. Yesterday I heard about target.com CRASHING due to all the ladies, young and old, waiting to get a piece of the usually expensive brand.

This morning, I knew I had to run to target to get bread, eggs, and milk (true life food staples) and couldn't help but to see the almost BARE racks of the Missoni displays at the local Target here in Charlotte. To be honest, I was very surprised, I really didn't think too many people out here knew what Missoni was but I'll admit that's just my "I'm from L.A." high-horse ignorance - but don't trip, it doesn't happen that often.

So after walking over and perusing the scene, I came across a beautiful brown, black and creme zig-zag sweater that was surprisingly thick and made of nicely combined fabrics. I put it in the basket along with a purple-based chiffon type top and the too-fly brown felt hat. After trying on the sweater, I was in LOVE. I loved how the sweater fit me, it was actually tailored and contoured to the body a bit which has been my issue with Target brands since their creation. I was so elated I kept that mug in the basket, putting back everything else. I do plan on getting the hat at a later date.

Overall, the name "Missoni" really leads to all of the hype because some of the knits, tops and such are nothing in comparison to the real thing and if they were a Merona, etc. they would have never gone as fast. I am pleased with my piece of Missoni and am satisfied with it probably for the rest of my life.


S.Cimone said...

I may need to head over to Target on my lunch break! I had no idea this was going on...

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