Tight doesn't mean it's RIGHT by Mia Anita

1. Living in L.A., I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a chic stumbling in heels she can’t walk in wearing a Melrose original that another chic 3 blocks up is also wearing. It’s like an epidemic here on the West. And granted our weather is much nicer than the rest of the U.S., I just don’t see that as an excuse to have no originality and willingly become the 3rd triplet of the evening wearing the same fit 2 other chics – in the club - are wearing.

Now the sameness factor is only a minute issue when speaking of L.A. fashion, the first epidemic is the How tight can this go disease. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my day wearing the tight of the tight – American Apparel – but at a certain age that ‘ish has to GO! Women not understanding their body shapes, which will be discussed in the upcoming ebook – look out for that – step out of their houses wearing colored saran wrap wrapped around mom’s freshly baked cellulite and pulge muffins. Just because the dress was cute in the window on a size 6 mannequinn should be a tell-tale sign, this is NOT the item for you. Also, women without curves, just say no. I understand thin women are able to wear whatever they want because we live in a society that is JUST now starting to accept there are women larger than a size 8 walking around these streets, but that doesn’t justify how a tight dress looks on you when you have nothing growing from your body to help fill it out.

This is not a diss post, this is a dish post, on real stuff. The day of the ultra-tight, bad quality attire has come to a close. The need for individuality and body type style is screaming loud-and-clear come get me. Just because it’s tight, does not mean it’s right, that goes for the 110lb. and the 280 lb. It’s ok to wear clothes that fit, but please take into consideration your skin, veins and muscles, as clothes these days aren’t made to fit just your skeleton.

photo courtesy of washingtonpost.com

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