Mia Anita linked to the Bubi People of Bioko Island (Equitorial Guinea)

The most exciting news I've heard all year (and I've heard some pretty exciting things this year) was finding our where my maternal line geographically travels back to the continent of Africa. I had been waiting for weeks to hear this news and it finally came this past Friday.

It is now early Monday morning and this information STILL has not sunk in, as this is information millions of people never knew and will never know. I had friends who are of direct African descent asking me weekly about the results as everyone I had told was anxious. To my surprise, Bioko Island is a place I had NEVER EVER heard of prior to last week. I had heard of Guinea but never Equitorial Guinea and you couldn't pay me to tell you one thing about the Bubi people.

Of course, since last week I've been doing major research and have been exposed to inhumane and savage truths about the treatment and extermination of the Bubi people by the Fang-led government that infiltrated the island and the political system. I've learned just ~40 years ago, about 2/3 of the Bubi population on Bioko Island were beaten to death, tortured, killed, etc. at the hands of a Fang Leader, referred to as Macias Nguema.

I plan to soon visit and bring more awareness about the genocide taking place against the Bubi people. A book I plan to read can be found on www.thebubis.com

Consider this as JUST the beginning of a long journey I am too elated to take... now... for finding more about my paternal side... this should indeed be more than interesting. Stay Tuned!


j.nicole said...

I just received my results and my ancestry is of the Bubi people on Bioko Island

MiaMor said...

Hey. Hopefully You'll see this again soon. Email me at miamenaturally@gmail.com if you find you history is the same :)