Now back to our regularly scheduled program...My Princess, Queen and Lady: Michelle Obama

Again, Congrats to Prince William and his bride Catherine. I wish them ALL the best and as much happiness with each other as their hearts can bear! BUT NOW... reality is back in order and I refuse to let anyone else overshadow Michelle Obama and all her glory. Mass media does such a good job of highlighting so many cultures and events that I myself am not really interested in. That's not to say someone else isn't, obviously there's millions of people interested in royal weddings, however, I live in America and am aware of the current affairs of this nation. No one walking on American soil has time to be so invested in the Monarchial wedding of William and Kate minus 8. well unless of course you're the media... then.... well... you know...

I felt the need to do this post not to downplay the newlyweds, but I take my responsibility as it comes and that's to keep things that are relevant in the forefront, and to me, actually to many, Michelle Obama needs to always and forever be highlighted not just for her style sense, but for who she is, what she represents and who and what she stands for. Quality and Beautiful Fashion is Mrs. Obama and I will do a post on her everyday if I have to in order to keep her relevancy alive. If people can influence a President to prove his place of birth on a birth certificate to the entire world, then what I'm doing is long overdue and really isn't even a tip of the iceberg.

With that said... check out Beyonce's new video - Move Your Body - a remake to Get Me Bodied to help fight against child obesity... apart of the MICHELLE OBAMA LET'S MOVE INITIATIVE ;)