A Rachel Pally kind of morning

Woke up extra early this morning for the Rachel Pally sample sale. I originally intended on arriving about 10:15 or so, however, while lying in bed I received an email from Daily listing it on their site. I then knew, more people will know about this than I need so I immediately hopped up and was out the door.

Good thinking! I was thee very first person in line. LOL Her mom actually let me in a bit early because it was just me. (She was very sweet) There were lots of dresses, tops, sweaters, leggings and what also seemed to be popular was her WHITE LABEL which is synonymous to plus sizes. It was great to see all shades and sizes of women at the same place all able to find something that was in style. Hats off to Rachel for that.

And the extra icing was Rachel was not only there but ringing up orders as well. At no other sample sale have I seen this and I just think it says so much about her, her work ethic and her care for her line. She had family and friends there to support and assist and everyone was extremely NICE AND HELPFUL. I skipped away with 3 dresses all of which I am in love with. I definitely recommend hitting this one up... and THIS WEEKEND, do not wait until next.

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