Design your OWN scarf

We have a really exciting offer for your readers.
We'd love to extend an offer for your readers to design their own scarf!
The winner (selected by us) will have their scarf created by us as per their specifications and sent to them. We will provide pictures of the winning scarf (once completed in Nepal) for you to show your readers.

Your readers can draw or photoshop or create their scarf any way that is electronically transferable so we can read their instructions. They cannot copy an existing design directly but can made variations on an existing design. They can use our color chart to indicate their color selections on their scarves, located at:
The scarf can be created from any of the natural fiber content that we use in our high quality scarves at Nepali by TDM. To remind your readers, we use:
1. Cashmere
2. Silk Chiffon
3. Cashmere/Silk blend
4. Bamboo
5. Cashmere/Bamboo Blend

Scarves can be designed by using style, dyeing techniques, weaving techniques and/or print designs.
Length and width needs to be specified on the design.

If you are able to run the "design your own scarf" contest in November/December, we will be able to have the scarf created and sent by the first week in January. If you are not able to meet this time line, but are interested in a "design your own scarf" contest, please contact me and we will work within your schedule.

Please note that we have had quite a few requests from fashion bloggers/media to offer this exciting event so your readers will be included in a group of other readers for the final selection.
I look forward to hearing from you so we can set the final date for this event.

Kindest regards,
Michelle Baldwin

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