Emma Carroll Creations

Designer Emma Carroll’s fantastically modern jewelry—fans of punchy leather, hardware and crisp ribbon. Ranging from $54 for earrings to $75 for bracelets and $106-$175 for necklaces, the collection is extremely reasonable for the high quality and upscale, tactile appeal. I wore the black feathers necklace, shown above, last weekend to rave reviews from a fashionable cast I would trust with my closet and my jewelry box. Exciting news of an in-the-works bag collection—along with gems of behind-the-label info—is below. Clockwise from top left: black feathers necklace, $172;disk earrings; gold chips necklace, $106; leather and brass pendant; click to expand

Occupation: Accessories Designer

Location: Chicago—we just moved from London back to the US a couple months ago.

Fabrications, materials, inspiration. Your three-word response: Simplicity, attention to detail, vibrant colors (does that count as 3 words?)

If you could bestow one of your current creations on the world, which would it be and why? The Long Disk necklaces are my favorite at the moment; you can wear them with a vest and jeans. Just one on its own or a couple layered and it looks like you’ve made an effort!

The long disk necklaces, how it all began, obsessions and more…

via Blackburn & Sweetzer

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