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A positive-and-unique jewelry company - created by Joan Goodman - products have been featured in everything from Gossip Girl to print publications such as Life & Style magazine, Essence magazine, Redbook magazine, Esquire magazine and InStyle magazine. Many of the pieces and collections have underlying meanings to them - which is something that I LOVE - giving the consumer not just a new piece of jewelry but also a story and a purpose behind its creation. I was introduced to the line by an email I received to check out the line and tell my readers what I thought. Of course it was not at all a bribe and by no means was there any suggestion to writing a "good" response, in fact there was no request of writing ANY particular type of response, all I had to do was write one. Luckily, the pieces I received were great so my review is as positive as it is truthful!!!!!

The bracelets can fit even the biggest of Shaq-like hands. Bendable and twistable it's easy to get these over all hands ranging from petite to large. I know I have issues with bracelets sometimes because I usually can't get them over my hand so I was anxious to see how these were going to pan out. Sure enough, they were great and fit wonderfully. I wore them the first day I got them as you can see in the pic, it took me no time to get the Photo Booth working as it should. These are going to be a lot of fun during the hot-and-colorful summer months to come. Below you'll find what PONO had to say about their Brightness of Life line.

*Our charitable line of fun and outspoken bangles and dog tags. The idea is simple: we pick a charity we admire, design a line of bangles to represent their cause, and then donate a percentage of the sales to the group. The line contains three collections--Save The Planet, Brightness of Life, and Arctic Awareness--supporting the efforts of The Climate Project, Give a Girl a Chance, and the Natural Resources Defense Counsel (NRDC).

When I first saw the Amber Kernel Choker from the Currencies collection, I immediately thought of the movie, Jurassic Park. The amber was what the mosquito was preserved in so I had to really look at the necklace just to double-check I didn't have any "extra" elements to my neck wear. LOL it's a mental thing; we all have them. Anywho, I was very pleased as to how beautiful and natural a statement necklace could be. Right now, statement necklaces are in, as they range in everything from super bright and extravagant to played-down and basic. I like this necklace because it mixes the fancy and Hollywood-esqe elements every chic likes to incorporate into their wardrobe but the materials and simplicity of the design make it not-so-"razzmatazz-tacky" in that it does a lot while not having to do much.

*The accessories included in "Currencies" reflects this use of myriad materials--resins, wood, and metal--to construct unusually stunning pieces that defy traditional approaches to design.


My grandma saw this necklace on my kitchen table and couldn't stop looking at it. To my fellow owners, I suggest keeping it wrapped in something & lying on a flat surface because the links can confuse you if they somehow get tangled and it takes a minute to get them back in order again. However, I absolutely love this necklace! This is clearly a playful and extremely versatile piece for the spring but I plan to wear this to death during the summer. It lies very nicely around the neck and can be adjusted to be very tight or fall a tad lower than the collar bone. And because it is translucent in color, you can wear it with a SUPER loud outfit and still be subtle in your presentation, (depending on the 'fit of course) but this necklace will last forever, during all seasons and can be worn on all occasions.

*A central principle of PONO's company philosophy, humanity is based around the connections we have and the connections we are unaware of. Making a positive change in one direction could initiate a massive series of change that is far beyond our comprehension. It's the awareness of this possibility that we seek to promote and these necklaces are a literal take on the links that bind humanity together.

PONO accessories is a good look for anyone looking to branch out from the everyday same. The broad use in textures and materials make for an interesting line that don't just give you the same thing in 5 different forms. You can check out more from the PONO line at their ebay store or view their collection on Facebook.

Brightness of Life Hand-Beaded Bracelets (lb002)

Amber Kernel Choker (p0903)

Opaline Genealogy Choker (p0789)

Thanks to Nick Zurko for introducing me to PONO accessories! :)

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