Shanghai welcomes (Na)too Boutique

Shanghai has welcomed its first (Na)too boutique, the third in its growing chain. Very translucent with brown and creme as its main color palette, the (Na)too boutique has a welcoming earthy vibe which makes for a comforting shopping experience. As you walk in, your attention goes straight to the boutiques trees, birds, clouds and raindrops creatively placed on the stores back wall for a clever enlarging effect and art decor. Minimalism speaks loudly as the check out counter is the only thing physically placed in the middle of the floor towards the back of the boutique. The owner, Zhang Na (LaLa)e is vastly trained in fashion design and whose creations have been featured at the Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art.

(Na)too's garments are abstract, art-inspired and border line avant-garde in their shapes and structures. Truly innovative, unique and refreshing are three words you are sure to use in describing the collections found at the (Na)too boutique. Earth friendly as well, (Na)too has a jacket and bag set made out of paper-linen that is as innovative as it is Eco-friendly. Thinking outside of the box is what sets this boutique and its clothes apart from all the rest. It is always nice to see new at its finest and judging from (Na)too's new boutique with each visit that is exactly what you will get. Nothing more nothing less.

The Super Grand mall, GF12


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