Les Lucioles- Shanghai's new boutique

The soft green and ash grey walls give Shanghai's new Les Lucioles boutique a very earthy yet rich vibe. This petite boutique filled with leafless faux tree displays, visible pieces of pipe used to hang things on and from along with its old antique furniture make you feel as if you were shopping in a western inspired modern shop. A cross between little house on the prairie meets urban outfitters. From the outside looking in, a front display shows a very stylish and vintage turquoise jewelry box resting underneath a chained trilogy of poles and metal circles with two cropped sweaters and bag hanging from the display. A scene very reminiscent of a garment swinging trapeze.

Once inside you notice the decor of small dolls with two braids sticking out of either side- much like Pippy long stocking. The leafless tree serves not only as added rustic decor but purses and jewelry hang from its bare and thin branches. Instead of the regular mannequin base, floral photographs are positioned to disguise the plainness footings of the regular pole and base combo, adding life to the outfits hung above. The stores inventory has many classic pieces that can be worn time and time again but a two braided beanie or an extremely cropped ruffle knitted cape may confuse some patrons for a bit. Fun pieces and trinkets are also found in little hide-a-way spots in the stores antique dresser drawer, or in a wooden trunk on the floor nearby. The new Les Lucioles boutique is unique, comforting and a taste of good ol' down home fashion.

Photos courtesy of Cool Hunt, Inc.

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les lucioles said...

Hi Mia Anita!
Many thanks for your great article about our shop :-) We are glad to inform you that we have now opened our web site where you can find all our products: http://www.les-lucioles.net/.

Thanks again!