"Welcome to P Town"- A glance at 70's fashion

Tonight, I decided to stay in after a long day of retail refuge. The other day my grandma gave me a DVD which was odd because I'm usually taking her DVD's instead of having them handed to me. She tells me to watch this movie because it's REALLY good. So I look down and it's TALK TO ME, the one with Don Cheadle. "O I saw the very beginning of this movie but it got turned off on me" I said. Not really interested she says "ok watch it." So, that's what I decided to do tonight and I'm really glad I did. If you haven't seen it... GO GET IT NOW. It is definitely one of the best films based on a true story I've seen in a looooooong time. Nonetheless, it's about an ex-con or "miscreent" as you'll understand after you watch it who gets out of jail and makes it big as a d.j. in Washington D.C. I won't give too much but the movie inspired me tonight.

Realizing Fashion mixed with writing is what I need to be doing with my life I often think in fashion terms, so as the credits started to roll I thought how I could tie this great movie into a post for a style blog... I came to the conclusion that people love visuals so I went and found a few pictures to document the "threads" of the 70's. I know the power of a picture so I decided I'll let the readers come to their own conclusions of such threads. So with that being said... enjoy. RIGHT ON!

Shout Out to my Grandpa Bob... an engineer for Motown who worked on the Sly record "if you want me to stay" and others

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