Vanity 6 Style: Come back or Stay Back?

The similarities between the Group Vanity 6 and Beyonce's a.k.a Sasha Fierce new video for Single Ladies are quite astounding! I find it funny that a very similar outfit on Sasha Fierce in 2008 is seen as pure dancing gear and compliments the artistic expression of the video but back in the 80's wearing an outfit such as a leotard with stockings and perhaps a little bit of lace once placed a woman under the title of NASTY GIRL.
The cheetah print, the lace, the high cut one piece, big hair and skin tight dresses are no longer a thing of the past. These fashions have come back in full force. Shops like American Apparel and of course your local Capezio or capeziodance.com is where you can find pretty much any and every 80's bright, tight and colorful piece of clothing ever made. Right now, I'd say Skinny Jeans, backless leotards and heels are the killer look of the moment and will definitely be the hot stuff in Spring 09. The 880's were an era of expression to no end... and I'm so ready for them to come back.

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