It was a SAD day in the GUCCI Store for Mia Anita

disregard the "jimmy choo bags" it's clearly NOT j.choo

So, I'd say since September I have been clocking and jocking this one particular bag from Gucci's Babouska runway line... The Babouska Boston Bag in Black Leather... (I can't do all those tassels and what nots). I have been waiting for the bag to go down in price, not even categorizing it as a sale just waiting for it to get cheaper... so I ended up in the Beverly Center this evening ONLY.... ONLY to find out I missed my bag going on sale by 3 days AND wait here's the kicker... the bag is now SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE & FOREVER. Brian, who was helping me didn't even want to tell me how much it went down to JUST by the look on my face when he told me it was sold out. From that moment til me typing right now I am still in shock let alone devastated... FOUR LONG MONTHS and I know I will never have my bag. I want to cry. Maybe I can get Tom Ford's number and share with him my grief see what strings he can pull- you think? NO?! This is truly a very sad day in Los Angeles for Mia Anita BUUUUT don't fret...it's going to be all good. I know you didn't expect me to come out of this empty handed! PLEASE... I'm Mia Anita of The StylEdit- Get With It records! ;)