William Rast-A line for the Rich and The Richer

Multi-Talented Justin Timberlake and close friend Trace Ayala launched their William Rast clothing line back in 2006 starting with just jeans but have taken the line, named after both of their grandfathers names into a very high profile, expensive line that caters to rich socialites and wealthy trend-followers. A line with a stylized Kurt Cobain feel I'm sure will continue to reach many paparazzi film strips and gossip magazines on all shelves, but I doubt I will see more than a pair or two in a local restaurant or coffee shop. After viewing the website I was taken back when I saw the cheapest pair of jeans totaled to a whopping $198 dollars. Then I noticed on the side, "FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200" WELL DUH!!!!! Anything you buy on the site is going to cost $200 so they might as well just say free shipping for all. As there are some really nice pieces on the site and in the line I know a frugal stylista such as myself will NOT be styling and profiling this holiday season in any of the William Rast threads. I'll just have to bring Sexy Back in something from the closet. Sorry J!

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