The StylEdit's Favorite Socialite Award:
Daphne Guinness

A woman of style and grace, Daphne Guinness is an all-around diva and style extraordinaire if there ever was one. No question about it, this woman has been seen, photographed and quite possibly stalked in some of the world's most glamorous and unattainable garments known to man. The rich marry the rich and the filthy wealthy marry the filthy wealthy which Daphne was no exception. Rumor has it that besides being born into a family with oopblobs of money already her divorce settlement left her with more than you could imagine to buy as many threads as you could imagine. She is my IDOL! Of course, not for the divorcing part, but for the level of glam she partakes in daily, not to mention she's a journalist as well as a fellow water sign. It couldn't get any better. *Two claps for Daphne Guinness* You deserve it!

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