Kanye West & Alexis Phifer
First Fiance', then Ex-so What's next?

I must say, I like to see happy couples together, and when they're stylish that's even better. A win win for me as I view from a distance. But there's something about Kanye and Alexis' relationship, past relationship, is it a relationship that has me puzzled. Both fans of fashion and style, it seems that they have attended many high profile fashion shows together recently and not to my surprise as I flipped through a few DECEMBER 2008 issues of VOGUE Bristish and ELLE Paris, who do I see but... uuuuhhh
you guessed it, The Love Lockdown Duo. So... that leads me to believe that something wicked this way comes, perhaps in the form of a fashion line or maybe even talks of a re-issued ring... of course we'll just have to wait and see. But in the meantime, Alexis... try not to be so heartless.

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